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Table Of Contents

  1. Who We Are
  2. Our Past and Our Future
  3. FAQ
  4. Constitution and Documents

1) Who We Are

The Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers is a non-profit, college student-run organization that is structured part “service organization”, part “support organization”. Our chapters are gaming clubs at colleges around the world, and each chapter runs itself. The level of involvement varies from club to club, but representatives from chapters across the world collaborate online run the show.

Based on table top gaming, each club consists of members who enjoy just about any game thrown at them, from pen-and-paper RPGS like Dungeons and Dragons®, to collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering®, to strategy board games like Chess or Risk. Many clubs may only concentrate on one particular genre of table top gaming, others play them all.

Chapters generally do things such as, but not limited to: game nights, learning seminars, tournaments, fund raisers, gaming conventions, and road trips of all types. Meetings are public and open to all. Games are brought to others and are utilized to teach skills useful in everyday life. Some chapters also perform philanthropic projects throughout the year, such as volunteering at children’s hospitals, assisting with Toys for Tots, and donating to causes like the Child’s Play Charity.

2) Our Past and Our Future

On November 21, 2003, a club known as the Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers was started at Fort Hays State University by students Tom Elliott and J.C. Clare. With a vision of a national organization fueled by students around the world, the organization grew to a national level when the second “Chapter” was founded at North Carolina State University on February 9th, 2006.

During the summer of 2006, this national website was instituted to encourage more communication, as national organization planning began. A campaign was started to try and bring the organization to other schools, keep our clubs in contact with each other, and discuss the things we could participate in as a national organization.

In February 2008, our chapters held a conference to brainstorm our organizations next steps. One of the most prominent ideas was to increase the importance of bringing gaming to others, especially those in need. Based on the efforts of our chapters to reach out to others, an effort known as the “CATTG Philanthropy Program” was started.

We look forward to spreading our organization further. Intramural tournaments, competitions, and trips to conventions are being planned as well as our own CATTG-CON. Our current goals include: starting new chapters, participating in philanthropic projects, gaining more sponsors, and participating in events with our fellow chapters.

3) FAQ

What is CATTG?

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CATTG is a national table top gaming organization with chapters at educational institutions across the US. Our mission is to:

  1. Provide a positive, orderly organization that promotes the fabrication and continuation of table top gaming organizations at colleges around the world.
  2. Provide each chapter with support, assistance and guidance.
  3. Provide the practical means to communicate inter-mutually through a consolidated and consistent web presence, and
  4. Provide each chapter with opportunities and encouragement to contribute to the gaming community through philanthropic efforts.

What is Table Top Gaming?

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The playing of complex tactical and strategic simulations in a real, relatively non-electronic setting. Role-playing games, war-games, trading-card games, and board games are all possibilities. Such games are more than simple entertainment; they encourage critical and creative thinking, as well as cooperation, competition, and friendly social interaction. Chapters are encouraged to include other interests as they see fit.

How can I start a chapter?

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Read further down this page!

Can my company sponsor CATTG or contribute in anyway?

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Yes! View our Sponsors page to learn more about what current sponsors are doing for CATTG. You can also contact us, as we welcome you to send in your ideas!

4) Constitution and Documents

You can find a list of all public documents on our Document Page. Here is a copy of our constitution:

5) Join

If you are part of a club at your college or university based around table top gaming, we would like to thank you for contributing to the gaming community, and extend an invitation to you to join CATTG and become a chapter. There are very few requirements to become an official chapter, and we invite you to read the following documents:

Additionally, you may find these resources helpful:

The following is a list of forms for chapters:

For more documents, please visit our Document Page.

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