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Welcome to the chat room! Connection information:, #CATTG. Basic commands, including RPG-Campaigning commands can be found below the applet. When conducting business, #CATTG users are expected to share a bit about themselves by using a username like:

  • B-NCSU-John: A board member from the NCSU Chapter
  • M-FHSU-Sue: A member from the FHSU Chapter
  • Guest-Claire: A guest.

Command Guide

To start a new room, type /join <roomname>. To make it permanent, it will have to be registered, and you will need a registered account with NickServ. /ns register <password> <email address>

Starting a new campaign? Be sure to share in our forums, or share to other rooms in the network by entering #announce <message>.

Diceroll Example: #roll 3[1d4+4]

NPC’s: Use /npc to make have a NPC say something, or /npca to make them do an action.

For help, you can also type /helpop for a list of commands and to get help with a command. You can also join the #help channel to ask for assistance.

Please keep channels family friendly!

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