The following is a Philanthropy Program Beneficiary:

The CATTG Philanthropy Program

Because everyone deserves a chance to play…

Growth and Charity are two of the values CATTG was founded on, and through these values the Philanthropy Program was born. It is an effort to contribute to the gaming community by encouraging our chapters to create and work on philanthropic projects in the field of table top gaming. These activities are rewarded by help from our sponsors.

Activities can be created by chapters, submitted by sponsors, or requested by charities and causes.

Current Projects

We’re currently working to put together a few projects. Check back soon!


Each activity is measured in man-hours or dollars-donated. The following is a list of statistics for this program:


The following is a list of charities and causes that have benefited from our Philanthropy Program:

  • Toys for Tots
  • Child’s Play Charity
  • Ronald McDonald Childrens Hospitals
  • Clinton Bush Haiti Fund


For more information about this program, refer to the following:

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