The following is a Philanthropy Program Beneficiary:


The following companies contribute to our organization in various ways:

  • Chessex is a well known manufacturer of accessories to role playing games. Founded in 1987, they have a long history of making a variety of quality products. They make dice of all kinds (including custom dice) as well as gaming mats, boxes for game figures, dice bags, and counters.

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About the Sponsor Program

Our Sponsor Program was established to help us with our goals and keep our organization on its feet. Through this program we wish to network with companies in the field of gaming, keep good communications with these companies to share information about our organization and our programs, and gain our chapters materials for their contributions through our Philanthropy Program.


2009-2010 Sponsor Progam documents have been finalized! More information on the program can be found in the following document(s):

Special Thanks

We would like to offer a special thanks to the following communities for their support:

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